Leo : Zodiac Sign

Leo’s Features:

Leo’s people are warm, sunny and generous. These are the biggest features of their character. Unlike their character, they are a little arrogant, love face, and often care about what others think of themselves, and often make themselves unhappy as a result.

Leo girls always hold their heads high, as if they do not look down on the whole world.

They do not give up, do not accept their own, delusional to do everything perfectly and adored.

They have great vanity, they die face suffer, they are kind and warm, treat life is always vibrant, although sometimes the temper is a bit hot. They live their own vivid, dare to love and hate, many men are not as good as their own sigh.

They are always a strong look, in fact, they also desire to let people love, eager for the emergence of a Prince Charming. Such a lion girl, will it make people feel a little heartache?

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