What is the healthiest way to sleep?

This may be why teenager prefer to stay up late, because after extreme fatigue, sleep efficiency is high and it is easier to get into deep sleep. But if you learn to control your sleep rhythm, fall asleep at 11:1, and go to deep sleep by referring to the following methods, you won’t feel less energetic during the day, even if you have to get up early.


Friends who need deep sleep do a few things before they go to bed every day:

Wash your face and brush your teeth; Drink a cup of warm water; go to the bathroom to solve the worries;) ; Take a deep breath 3 times after lying in bed, not less than 25 seconds at a time, each inhale not less than 45 seconds, breathing should be uniform, meticulous, long; simple and objective review of the day’s things, and then the whole body relaxed, the body posture Zhou Zheng, arms flat on both sides of the body, the legs naturally unfold, do not cross, stack

Do not cover the chest and abdomen too thick quilt, cover thickness and weight to be uniform. Eyes light, focus on the back of the head, and gradually move to the lower abdomen, and finally focus on the belly navel and the middle part of the loin, and then spread to the whole body, around the beginning of warm very comfortable, and then confused past, into the deep sleep, about 4 hours later, the brain turned back to ordinary sleep state, At this point your day’s sleep requirements are fully replenished and can satisfy 20 hours of work in a row (this takes a long time to train, but every day in your 6-8 hours of sleep, if you have 4 hours to meet this standard, it is enough.

Some people will get some energy stone to let them sleep well

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